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The reason as to why Nixon watches have managed to withstand the market trauma through all these years is perhaps the fact that they are flexible and made to suit both men and women. More and more of their customers are now loyal and advise new clients to shop for Nixon timepieces as their number one choice. Apart from that, the watches as well as their back lids have accommodated several shapes and faces.

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Also, buying a bike does not pose the same viral transfer risk as being in close, extended contact with a nail technician, a hairdresser or multiple user gym equipment. That’s why it was head scratching how the Murphy administration dealt initially with that defiant gym owner in Bellmawr, letting the place stay open three days in a row starting last Monday, with the owner stating that he’d let up to 44 people work out at the same time. It’s tough to justify claims of imminent danger with that kind of dawdling..

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