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In this aspect I’m convinced the Euro played an important role in the worsening of the crisis. The only countries which saw their interest rates rise dramatically were those of the Euro periphery (one can see for example that the UK, USA and Iceland were not affected to the same extent). De Grauwe (2011) explains that one of the reasons for this is that countries that belong to a monetary union are more vulnerable to self fulfilling prophecies (for fearing a default on the debt, lenders demand higher interest and this leads to the fulfilling of their fears) due to having no control of the currency in which their debt is issued.

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The director of the project at Big Bear is Dr. Philip R. Goode, Professor of Physics at the New Jersey Institute of Science, who has overseen the observatory since 1997. The XY pad can control the roll function. Moving your finger over the pad can result in the roll to get faster. An extremely remarkable feature of the XY pad is the thing that Korg calls the touch scale.

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