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The United States has gotten to such a point that if you say anything that is not “sensitive” to whomever you are speaking about, you are pounced on as some horrible person. My suggestion, next time you want to say something (and you thought it before saying it) just say it. Do not worry that you are offending someone.

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This is how you negotiate. And so up until about the age of 25, 26, I was what I called financially perfect. I saved a lot of money. So raw are these arguments that their stench carries from one Washington to the other Washington. The readership of the Erik Wemple Blog is sophisticated enough to spot the infirmities of any invitation to a court to serve as an editorial chaperone for a news network, or even a propaganda network. Do taxpayers in Washington state really want Judge McDonald to get into the intricacies of managing retractions?.

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